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Split Second Velocity [PC] Cheat Engine

How to Unlock All Vehicles and Decals in Split Second Velocity for PC

Split Second Velocity is a racing video game developed by Black Rock Studio and published by Disney Interactive Studios. The game features a unique gameplay mechanic where the players can trigger destructive events on the track to eliminate their opponents or create shortcuts. The game has a variety of vehicles and decals that can be unlocked by completing different events and challenges. However, some of the vehicles and decals are hidden and can only be accessed by using cheat codes or hacks.

Download File:

In this article, we will show you how to unlock all the vehicles and decals in Split Second Velocity for PC using two methods: the unlocker hack and the save file method. Both methods are easy to use and will give you access to all the content in the game. However, we recommend creating a new profile, separate from your main profile, to make sure no progress is lost. These methods will only affect the currently loaded profile.

Method 1: Unlocker Hack

The unlocker hack is a Cheat Engine hack made by D4rkEmp3r0r. This hack unlocks:

  • All vehicles, including hidden vehicles*

  • First place in every season event

  • Max stats

  • All decals

*Note: Unlike the codes, the hidden vehicles are unlocked forever. You can go in and out of the game, and the vehicles will still be there. With the codes, not only do you not get all the cars, but they do not save, meaning you need to re-enter the codes every time in order to use the vehicles. This unlocker does not include the console exclusive DLC vehicles.

To use this method, follow these steps:

  • Download SSV_Unlocker_v10 from [here], using the links in the description.

  • Open the .rar file with WinRAR or 7zip.

  • Extract the SSV_Unlocker_v10.exe file anywhere you want.

  • Launch the game, and go to the Options menu.

  • Keep the game open, and launch SSV_Unlocker_v10.exe, and click 'Unlock All'.

  • Wait 7 seconds, and head back into the game. You can close out of the unlocker.

  • If everything was done correctly, everything will be unlocked.

Method 2: Using My Save File

If you are uncomfortable with using the unlocker method, try this method. I cannot guarantee that this save file will work. This also might override another save. Also, the controls are set to my custom controls, change them if need be.

To use this method, follow these steps:

  • Download my save file from [here].

  • Go to C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Disney Interactive Studios\SplitSecond\SaveGames.

  • Backup your existing save file if you have one.

  • Paste my save file into the folder.

  • Launch the game, and load my profile (AlexKVideos1).

  • If everything was done correctly, everything will be unlocked.

Complete Vehicle List (PC)

Hidden Vehicles Obtainable Vehicles --- --- Hanzo Indus GSX Ryback Brawler Cobretti Vortex GX Cobretti 455 GT Hanzo Bayonet MX (Micromania) Ryback Tornado Ryback Titan WMX Cobretti Iridium Ryback Mohawk XL Hanzo Indus V8R Ryback Bandit XL Ryback Mohawk Cobretti Slipstream XL Ryback Bandit Ryback Brawler GSX (GameStop) Cobretti GT RS Ryback Coyote AMX (Automoto TFI) Cobretti Nero GT400 Ryback Bandit FSX (Future Shop) Cobretti Vortex Hanzo FX350 CX (Computer Spiele) Hanzo GT Cobretti Iridium BBX (Best Buy) Hanzo Bayonet R Cobretti 455 GT BBX (Best Buy) Cobretti GT500 Cobretti Slipstream FSX (Future Shop) Elite S510 Ryback Tornado BBX (Best Buy) Ryback Thunder Ryback Mohawk FSX (Future Shop) Ryback Coyote Ryback Mohawk XDX (Disney XD) Cobretti Slipstream Elite 440 Special Cobretti Cascade Cobretti 530 GTS Cobretti Pursuit Elite Goliath Ryback Cyclone RS Ryback Titan Hanzo FX350 Ryback Firestorm Elite GT12 We hope this article helped you unlock all the vehicles and decals in Split Second Velocity for PC. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy racing!


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