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The Jackal

The three species differ mainly in color and choice of habitat. The sandy-colored golden jackal prefers open, grassy plains, while the side-striped jackal lives along waterways with dense undergrowth and is drabber in color, has a white tip on the tail, and had indistinct stripes along the sides of the body. The black-backed jackal is recognized by the mantle of black hair on the back that contrasts with the rust-colored body. The tail is black-tipped, as is that of the golden jackal. The black-backed jackal is usually the most frequently seen, as it is more diurnal than the other two species.

The Jackal

Increased habitat loss due to human population growth and resulting expansion of roads, settlements, and agriculture threatens the jackal. The livestock rearing and farming conducive to jackal and wildlife survival, are now being replaced by industrialization and unsustainable agricultural practices.

As habitats are lost, jackals are increasingly infringing on human settlements, where can be viewed as a danger to livestock and poultry and be killed as pests. They are also often persecuted as rabies transmitters.

Sometimes pups will stay with their parents and help raise their younger siblings. Most jackal pup deaths occur during the first 14 weeks of life, so the presence of helpers increases the survival rate.

The Jackal surfaced in Empire State University once more, under the guise of "Professor Guarinus." He injected himself with actual jackal DNA, allowing himself to take a form resembling that of his iconic green costume, but for real.[3] He was shocked to bump into who he thought was his reality's Gwen Stacy, but was actually her super-powered counterpart from another reality, Earth-65, who had recently enrolled in his reality's ESU.[36] He recruited another new student, Benji, to befriend this Gwen in exchange for something.[3] When Gwen opened a portal to her universe, the Jackal followed her through it without her knowing, and ended up on Earth-65.[37] There he allied with his Earth-65 counterpart in order to capture Gwen. Upon capturing her, Jackal killed his counterpart, and tried to convince Gwen of their love, but Gwen's band, the Mary Janes, came to her aid, and they escaped from the Jackal.[38] Desperate to get Gwen to return to Earth-65 following her being exiled by the Storm twins, Miles abducted Mary Jane Watson and bonded her to a sample of Gwen's symbiote, hypothesizing that she would be able to sense her friend was in-danger and return to save her, thus walking right into his trap. Instead, MJ was transported to Earth-616 when Gwen attempted to use the Ticket to the Multiverse to flee Knull's invasion of Earth.[39]

Miles Warren was born into a family with a proclivity for science. His brother became a science teacher at Midtown High School where Peter Parker was his favorite pupil, but Miles' talents far exceeded that. After earning his Ph.D in biochemistry, Miles traveled to Wundagore Mountain to assist the High Evolutionary in his experiments to evolve animals into human form. Whereas the Evolutionary's subjects never fully lost their animal appearance, Miles succeeded in creating two "New Men" who looked practically human. This caused some friction between Miles and the Evolutionary that accelerated when a group of New Men began to worship Miles. When Miles evolved a jackal that exhibited a Jekyll-Hyde personality and then escaped, the Evolutionary banished him from Wundagore. Miles stayed in the area where he met and married Monica, fathering two children, but he spent so much time with his research that Monica took the children and left. Unbeknownst to the Warrens, Miles' jackal-man, envious of his creator's life, had been stalking the family. He caused a car accident that killed Monica and the children. When Miles learned of this, he realized the cause and blamed the High Evolutionary. He returned to Wundagore, challenged the Evolutionary and left with the New Men faction that worshipped him, promising to make them human.

To Peter Parker, Miles was a professor who badgered him about not attending classes. Even after Gwen Stacy was killed by the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn, also apparently killed), Miles kept up this routine but inside he was devastated. The day after Gwen's death, Serba showed him a frog produced by their cloning experiment. Miles then gave Serba tissue samples from Gwen and Peter. When Serba discovered he was cloning humans, he came to Miles and demanded their destruction. Hushing Serba up, Miles accidentally killed him. Unhinged by his act, he became convinced someone else did the murder. When he walked past a class discussing jackals, he recalled his jackal-man and created an evil alter-ego for himself: the Jackal. He designed a green costume with electro-prod claws and began extensive athletic training. Believing Spider-Man was responsible for Gwen's death, Miles sought revenge but his evil side also yearned to be a crime boss. So, the Jackal convinced the Punisher to kill the web-slinger. He then murdered the Punisher's colleague, the Mechanic, hoping to blame the Punisher for the crime. When this failed, he arranged to bring Hammerhead, Dr. Octopus and Spider-Man together, hoping to pick up the gangland pieces, but this scheme also fizzled.

In reality, Miles' tests had been manipulated by Seward Trainer, following Norman Osborn's secret agenda, and Ben Reilly was the clone. Miles moved to a lab in upstate New York where he spent five years in a genetic regeneration chamber, reshaping his body to resemble his jackal-man, creating clones by long-distance and going totally insane. The High Evolutionary, thinking the Jackal dead, forced his Cult into hiding, then forged and planted a diary in Miles' handwriting to discredit his clone work by claiming the Parker and Gwen clones were Serba and a woman named Joyce Delany, who had been genetically reconstructed by the same genetic virus Miles previously tried on the New Men. The Evolutionary also planted Miles' genetic virus, which turned student Malcolm McBride into another Carrion. Believing all this, the superbeing Daydreamer transformed the Gwen clone into Joyce but she reverted back, later meeting and marrying Warren Miles, a Professor Warren clone who eventually degenerated.

Back in the museum, Jones expresses his admiration for Lawrence. The two boys ask what happened next, and Jones explains that Lawrence pursued Demetrios, but Demetrios' steamship left before Lawrence arrived. The boys ask what became of the jackal, but Jones refers to it as "another story", and prepares to leave. He wants to go home so as to make sure and feed his cat Henry, but the boys persist. Jones decides to stay, and he leads them to another room. He explains that eight years after his adventure in Egypt, he was on spring break visiting his cousin Frank in Santa Fe. He and his cousin had decided to cross the border into Mexico, to "see the senoritas".

So the panther prowled about until he saw a fine cow grazing apart from the rest of the herd. He killed it instantly, and then gave a cry to the jackal and hedgehog to come to the place where he was. They soon skinned the dead beasts, and spread its skin out to dry, after which they had a grand feast before they curled themselves up for the night, and slept soundly.

But the jackal had been very cunning, and had trotted backwards and forwards and in and out, so that it was very difficult to know which track he had really followed. At length, however, the panther caught sight of his enemy, at the same moment that the jackal had caught sight of him. The panther gave a loud roar, and sprang forward, but the jackal was too quick for him and plunged into a dense thicket, where the panther could not follow.

The panther, whose manners were always good, thanked the old man, and followed his counsel. The cow was killed, and the partridges flew about with invitations to the jackals, who gathered in large numbers to the feast. The wicked jackal came amongst them; but as the panther had only seen him once he could not distinguish him from the rest. However, they all took their places on wooden seats placed round the dead cow, which was laid across the boughs of a fallen tree, and began their dinner, each jackal fixing his eyes greedily on the piece of meat before him. Only one of them seemed uneasy, and every now and then glanced in the direction of his host. This the panther noticed, and suddenly made a bound at the culprit and seized his tail; but again the jackal was too quick for him, and catching up a knife he cut off his tail and darted into the forest, followed by all the rest of the party. And before the panther had recovered from his surprise he found himself alone.

Very unwillingly the jackal held the rope, while the hedgehog walked slowly round the greyhound till he reached the jackal again. He knew quite well by the paws and tail that it was a greyhound and not a sheep, that the shepherd had sold them; and as he could not tell what turn affairs might take, he resolved to get out of the way. 041b061a72


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