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Mahabharat Tv Serial Full Title Song Mp3 Free Download High Quality

hindi tv serial mahabharat has the most watched episode ever in the history of television. the episode becomes a talk of the town all over the world. this episode is based on the epic, of course named "mahabharat". this mahabharat was narrated in episodes and it got very popular. it was based on the love story of the characters karna and draupadi. draupadi is the daughter of the king of panchal kingdom. draupadi is the wife of the king and she is the most beautiful woman in the world. she is also known as the "female karna". after the fight between the two, the kauravas and pandavas, they become friends. after the fight, the pandavas ask karna to play a game and only if he wins, they will forgive him. the pandavas promise karna that they will not leave draupadi's hand. karna is the hero of the epic. in the game, the pandavas cheat karna and win the game. karna leaves the court and starts his journey. draupadi is heartbroken and she goes to hunt down karna. karna feels sad for the pandavas and vows to kill them. draupadi tells karna that she will make the pandavas understand karna's truth. she invites karna to her palace. pandavas discover karna's plan and also hide themselves. karna falls in love with draupadi and they are engaged to be married. but the pandavas come and make an alliance with the kauravas. karna is furious and wants to kill pandavas. karna leaves his house and goes to the city of prayag. karna starts his journey to kill pandavas. karna's wife asks him to take her with him and he agrees. they are hunted down by the pandavas. pandavas are in a temple. they decide to take karna's wife with them and they ask him to come and meet his wife. karna and his wife arrive at the temple. he takes his wife out of the temple. he wants to kill kauravas. he kills jayadratha, the king of sindhu and he also kills his guards. he wants to kill the entire kaurava family. but karna is in love with draupadi and they become friends. karna is not a murderer and he also loves draupadi. draupadi comes out of the temple and she is in distress. she sees karna and she tells him that she was in distress. draupadi says that she wants karna to marry her and she also wants to leave karna. she tells karna that her father died of grief and her brother (arjuna) also died in this war. she says that she wants karna to live with her. she asks karna to get married to her. she tells karna that she is alone in the world. karna says that he will always be with her. karna tells draupadi that he will not take her hand. she asks him to take her hand. karna says that he cannot take her hand. draupadi takes karna's hand and she says that he should take her hand. she says that she will not leave his side. karna asks draupadi not to leave him. she says that she will never leave karna.

Mahabharat Tv Serial Full Title Song Mp3 Free Download

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