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Armen Kazakov

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programmers can create their own lessons by using the session list. the program offers four customizable lesson templates as well as a tutorial to help users learn how to use the program. also, these templates can be customized as users wish, and the session list shows users a preview of the lessons for each session. a user can then confirm or change the session's duration, program, and lesson's starting and ending points.

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neuro-programmer is also a game. users can match their brain waves to the sound beats of the music. in the game, users have to match the rhythms of the sound to the rhythms of the brainwaves they are hearing. once the rhythm of brainwaves matches the rhythm of the music, users have to hit a button to score the match. the more the brainwaves match the beat of the music, the more points the user gets.

neuro-programmer is a simple program with a brainwave calculator to help users work out their brainwaves. the program also lets users set up a regular schedule to work out their brainwaves. the program can work for anyone who wants to relax and unwind, and it can help people who are suffering from mental and psychological problems.

neuro-programmer is a brainwave calculator and a multimedia program. it helps users learn more about their brainwaves and measure their brainwaves. users can also set up a schedule to work out their brainwaves. the program can help people who want to relax and unwind, and it can also be used for athletes to improve their concentration, memory, and focus.

you can use neuro-programmer regular edition to improve your life through relaxation, meditation, and self-help. furthermore, it can be used to help and facilitate your focus, while improving your cognitive abilities. however, it requires the user to choose from a list of six topics, as well as a single self-help lesson or a group of lessons.


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