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The Eternal Promise of Engagement Rings

The Meaning of His And Hers Promise Rings and the Variety of Styles

A Timeless Symbol of Love: Selecting an Engagement Ring The Meaning of It, Styles and Materials.

The tradition of engagement rings is rich and long. They represent commitment and promise to marry. What is the reason for rings? The ring's circular form, with no clear beginning or an end it is commonly associated with the eternal love and devotion. The past was when it was believed that the ring's finger had an intimate connection to the heart and was aligned with the heart. That is why the band was typically worn in the left hand. The Middle Ages, women were traditionally presented with an engagement ring by their spouses as a sign of commitment to marry and it was considered unsuitable to wear a ring solely for decorative purpose.

What's the significance of giving an engagement ring for your spouse? Its significance is the announcement of the upcoming wedding and in the sense of tradition, it's the man who picks the ring and presents the ring to his loved ones.

What's the significance behind an engagement rings?

The engagement ring will set a date for the wedding vows. It is important to choose a ring which reflects her personal style and preferences. A bride, for instance who would like to enjoy her wedding in a simple manner, will certainly not appreciate the ring that is overly expensive, but may appreciate it is a more elegant and refined item. Etiquette requires that the ring be given a year prior to the wedding ceremony, despite the fact that there isn't a fixed rule.

The Materials and styles of Engagement Rings

The tradition of the diamond engagement ring can be traced through the Victoria era, but it was during the modern time that the De Beers family, famous leaders in the diamond industry began a major advertising campaign in 1938. This campaign was helped by Hollywood performers and singers. Frances Gerety, a copywriter from 1948 was the one who coined "A diamond lasts forever" as the famous slogan. This helped to solidify this custom around the world.

Seal your love by wearing the Eternal Ring, created from 9k rose gold, and featuring a bright diamond. Its curve on the outside symbolizes pure, lasting love. The color rose gold is becoming more frequently associated with the notion of love and the sentiment isn't restricted to women of younger ages. When compared to white and yellow gold, rose gold is a symbol of originality and elegance, adding an extra touch of elegance and romance to the jewelry. It's surprising that not everyone favors diamonds; some individuals like the striking hues and natural stones like amethyst, quartz, and prasiolite. Amethyst is a stunning stone, thanks to its striking purple hue, represents the purity of spirit, while quartz represents life and energy. Prasiolite is an exotic green stone with a mysterious attraction. The meanings of these stones make it even more appropriate for this important piece of jewelry. You can also choose the 9-carat gold solitaire which has a square stone that is cushion-cut, and "mosaic faceting" in case your loved one likes the natural beauty of stones.

Traditionally where Do We Put An Engagement Ring?

Stemming from its profound value, it is important to consider where you will wear the ring of engagement. Etiquette in this context follows an ancient custom that ties the location of the engagement rings with the wedding band. The custom dictates that the engagement ring is placed on the left hand ring finger up to the wedding ceremony, and later moved onto the right hand's ring finger just before the ceremony. The engagement ring must always be placed on the finger of the left or right hand, regardless of whether it's the right. In earlier times there was a belief that the finger of this hand was linked to the heart via the "Vena Amoris", otherwise known as the "Vein of Love". It is a custom following the wedding ceremony been held, to put two rings on the same hand of the left hand.

Now that you know all the details on the profound meaning of the engagement ring, all that remains is to pick the right diamond for your partner from the Bronzallure store, to symbolize your love for each other. The Eternelle collection consists of semi-precious jewels that have significant symbolic significance. They include amethysts topazes, quartzes, and prasiolites. Its unique and distinctive design, coupled with the meticulously chosen high-quality material and natural stones that you can be assured that you've made a wise choice. This ring is guaranteed to last a lifetime and leave a lasting impression.


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