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Armen Kazakov

Fs2004 - Captain Sim Legendary C-130 V1.1 Game: A Comprehensive Guide

the horus ("fighter of the gods" in ancient egyptian) is the fastest and most advanced fighter in the dc universe, and this legendary ship is its legendary pilot. be sure to treat your favorite hero like a god, because this ship will treat you like a god. it has a 4-d weapon system that attacks from a 360-degree side-facing arc. this also gives the fighter a nose-mounted turret with a rapid-fire gun in front of the two wings that allow it to defend itself. only the best pilots can handle this weapon system, but even those that have earned the captain title can be used as a fighter pilot when flying the horus. all available tanks, missiles, missile launchers, power arms, and other upgrades have been added, along with new features and several new skins to bring the horus up to date for today's gaming generation.

Fs2004 - Captain Sim Legendary C-130 V1.1 Game


the second half of the apocalypse clash is much more of a fight than the first but is still a solid match-up. diabolos is best when its not sharing the spotlight, but when it is you can get good value from his scoring ability and synergy with air traffic controller if you can afford to play him. for its price points, he can generate a lot of value while not forcing your opponent to use any material. play him with resources and your opponents will be forced to walk the plank to get around your damage. he's always just a little bit better than most other robots, and thats worth a lot in the meta.


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