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Custom Ornamental Iron Works Ltd. is one of North America's largest producers and distributors of wrought iron, ornamental iron, cast iron, aluminum gate, stair parts and accessories. For over 45 years, we have offered an extensive line of wrought iron and ornamental iron products such as balusters, scrolls, railings, balls, and other ornamental iron and aluminum items. Our beautifully-crafted products are manufactured in-house to the highest standard. We ship online to anywhere in North America.

buy balusters

We often get inquiries for outdoor stair railings such as "Romeo & Juliet balconies". These railings are a beautiful option to add a little something extra to your balcony. We use belly balusters or "belly bars" in these railings.

Backyard Images deck with TimberTech composite decking and Radiance rails with black aluminum balusters.#timbertech #timbertechdecking #skirtingboards #aluminumbalusters #timbertechradiancerail #backyardimages#outdoorliving #azek #compositedecks

You may notice that not all styles are the same width. For example, Wide Scroll Iron Balusters take up more space than simple straight iron balusters, so you may may only need one Scroll Iron Baluster and one straight iron baluster per linear foot. Give us a call if you have any questions about uniquely shaped iron balusters.

Get started on your iron baluster pattern design by choosing simple balusters, like the Single or Double Twist Iron Baluster, and add Single Basket Iron Baluster every 2 or 3 balusters. Then, if you want to accentuate a certain area, consider adding a statement piece from the Scroll Series, such as the Scroll Iron Baluster.

Available in both flat and angled, these decorative aluminum feet coordinate with all of the iron baluster styles. There are two thickness options, so be sure to choose the size that matches your selected iron balusters.

Balusters are decorative or structural columns used in architecture to support railings or simply to add a touch of elegance to a building. The piece of architecture is used a lot in the United States. A set of balusters form an elegant and sophisticated balustrade.

This company specializes in custom-made stone products, including balusters. They offer a range of materials, such as limestone, sandstone, and granite, and can create unique designs to fit your specific needs. They offer customization and work with both residential and commercial clients. They are based in California but ship to all 50 states.

This company offers a variety of architectural products, including stone balusters. They have a range of styles to choose from, including classic and modern designs. They also offer custom design services and have retailers across the United States.

In conclusion, there are several options for buying stone balusters in the United States, ranging from custom-made to pre-made designs. By considering factors such as material, style, and size, you can find the perfect balusters to add elegance and charm to your building or home.

Twig balusters are also strong since they are often fastened together at different points in the weave. This makes a twig handrail sort of like a sheet of OSB (oriented strand board). This kind of board is similar to plywood but is instead just chips of wood laid down in a certain manner and glued together with a very strong glue.

Using twigs in a log railing is a natural match. The round shape of the logs is perfectly complemented by the organic and sinuous shapes of the twig balusters. For the tree branch handrail shown below, the top and bottom logs are black locust, and the twig balusters are mountain laurel.

The DecKorators Aluminum Balusters provide a contemporary feel to any wood, composite or aluminum deck railings. They are designed to be installed with 2.5 balusters per linear foot using the installation guide for Classic Balusters. DecKorators deck balusters can be used for any inline rail kits or as stair railing. The 26 inches Balusters are used for 36 inches high rails using 2x4 railing. The 29 inches balusters are designed to build a 36 inches high rail using DecKorators CXT Railing or similar composite railing systems. The 32 inches balusters are designed to build a 42 inches high rail using 2x4 railing. The 36 inches balusters are designed to build a 46 inches high rail or fence using 2x4 railing.

Deckorators products bring beauty to any yard by combining balusters, post caps and deck lighting. For a complete railing system, shop the Deckorators Contemporary Railing or the Contemporary Cable Railing.

A baluster is a vertical moulded shaft, square, or lathe-turned form found in stairways, parapets, and other architectural features. In furniture construction it is known as a spindle. Common materials used in its construction are wood, stone, and less frequently metal and ceramic. A group of balusters supporting handrail, coping, or ornamental detail are known as a balustrade. 041b061a72


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